• Activities
  • Architectural Standards

    • Committee Members:
      Chair – Mark solazzo
      Larry White
      Peter Levenson
      John DumaiS
      Board Liaison - Michael Hargrave
      Staff Liaison - Seasonne Hayes

  • Communications
  • Compliance

    • Committee Members:
      Board Liaison – Paul Goodrow
      Staff Liaison- Mark West
      Chair -  David Hill
      Ken Karwan
      John Dumais
      Michael Kowalski

  • Finance

    • Committee Members
      Chair - Jim Moxley
      Eric Frankel 
      John Mulligan
      Ron Basler
      Board Liaison - Charles Colucci
      Staff Liaison - Mark West

  • Landscaping
    • Committee Members:
      Board Liaison – Lyndia Snyder
      Mark West – Staff Liaison
      Chair - Linda Moxley
      Sandra Harris

  • Tennis
  • Project Teams

    • John Mehok – Board Liaison
      Seasonne Hayes – Staff Liaison
      Bill Cordes
      Karen Miller

      John Mehok – Board Liaison
      Seasonne Hayes – Staff Liaison
      Chair- Tom Reese
      Richard Menoni
      Mike Aquilino
      Len Falco

      Terry Kraft – Board Liaison
      Mark West – Staff Liaison

      Lani Wheeler – Board Liaison
      Seasonne Hayes – Staff Liaison
      Chair - Phyillis George
      Dan Napadano
      Wynn Phillips
      Bob Heimmel

      Jack McBurney – Board Liaison
      Mark West – Staff Liaison
      Chair - Sue Lee
      Cheryl Chase
      Kathy Coyle
      JoANn Charlton
      Peter Diresta

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